Show unwatched episodes in the recently released section

I would be a nice feature to be able to see just the unwatched shows under the recent releases.

Sometimes I don’t get time to watch something when it is released end as days go by it drops lower and lower in the page and because I’m using a Fire TV stick I can’t scroll the page down or use the down arrows on the remote to go down the page to see what’s hasn’t been watched.

Just a thought.

Using the eye icon in the top right you should be able to only show unwatched episodes, no?

Previously all unwatched shows and shows with upcoming episodes could be sorted so they were at the top of the list (sort order: oldest episode). Now they are mixed in with all shows regardless of status. The Eye icon will allow the use to see unwatched past episodes (Recent) or future episodes (Upcoming).
The old sort method was much more confident in grouping all unwatched past & future shows right at the top of the list.

Does the Oldest episode sort order on the Shows tab not still do that? That seems to be how it’s working for me: first all shows with unwatched past episodes, in chronological order of the next episode to watch, then shows with upcoming episodes, in chronological order of the next episode to be released.

@Zaphod13 The original poster is talking about the Upcoming/Recent tabs as far as I can tell.

The sort order change for the Shows tab is unrelated to that.

@olliebean This change is currently only on the beta program, so you might not have it. 59-beta1 with small design updates, sort by status