Shows marked as watch in Trakt do not automatically update list?

Say I have watched episode 8 of B99 Season 5 and episode on Trakt is watched.

On my shows list recently it seems like no updates get synced ( have tried force manually updating, discon and recon Trakt linking)

In screenshot, under show list its at ep 8

But if I click show list it actually knows it has been watch as in this screenshot
(new user issue, will add this ss as a separate comment)

Is it something new that I have to manually mark watched again in seriesguide?

My account is only synced to Trakt.

This is causing me a severe headache trying to track which shows I have actually watched vs not

Reinstalling from backup did not help

Checked debug view when I manually select update on the specific show but nothing happens too

2nd ss

I confirm there is a bug. In the list of the show, the episode is listed as “not watched”, but if you open the episode or series, the episode is listed as “viewed” .

Thanks for reporting. What version of SeriesGuide are you using? The latest beta calculates the next episode differently, e.g. if an episode is watched multiple times it shows the next one with less times watched. So: is the episode right before watched more than once?

Erm not sure of your question but I marked them as watched on trakt TV web interface once for episode until 8 for B99 latest season, however in series guide, as in screenshot its still not marked as read. Although if I manually click the show and check, it correctly shows ep 8 as already watched

This is also the case for ep7 too but for that I manually check the watch tick mark in the main series guide shows list. (ep1 to 6 I manually mark as watched inside series guide so didn’t realise the issue earlier)

I’m using the latest version v61 beta 4

Sry for bad English, not native

I am having the same issue and it’s driving me up the wall! v61