Shows Organisation

I don’t like how some shows are organised. Episodes of some shows aren’t out yet and they are showing up on my unwatched list. So I’m proposing a different organization. Ditch the filters and use the tabs. 4 tabs should be used: All shows, watching, watchlist, upcoming and history. In the all shows tab you can introduce a kind if grouping that differentiates the shows. Groups like watching, haven’t started for shows in your watchlist, up-to-date for shows you’ve watched up to the current episode or season, finished for shows that you’ve completed and finally add a stopped watching group for the shows you dropped and don’t want to continue watching. As for the widget, allow the user to select which tab to se, be it the watching, watchlist or upcoming tabs. I believe this new system will be better for example when I watch the first episode of a show it moves from the watchlist to the watching tab and from the haven’t started group to the watching group in the all shows tab. Please implement this cause now I have a bunch of shows showing on my widget for episodes which are coming out next year. Honestly those episodes are supposed to be on the upcoming widget not the shows widget.

I would also like a friends feature where you can follow a certain user and see their profile and keep up with what they’ve watched of late

Infact I would suggest to use TV Time as a reference because they’ve organised their shows well but I really like this app more than tv time so I wish that the organisation be improved

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Good idea!

I would also like the shows to be more organized into separate categories like:

Series with Unseen Episodes

haven’t started for shows in your watchlist

shows that you’ve completed

Etc …

This app is great but I always thought it lacked a more elaborate organization.

Because the way it is, everything gets mixed up and we are dependent on filters and widgets.

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I was actually comparing this app to TV Time which does the organising as I’ve requested but I would like to use something new. Check it out.

TV Time I’ve already used it, it’s good too, but it was showing a lot of bugs at the time I used and it didn’t work offline, something I really appreciate in an app to follow series.
That’s why I abandoned TV Time and migrated to SeriesGuide.
Even with TV Time in mind, I believe these changes you suggested to SeriesGuide are good.

Yep. Having an offline app is better. I hope the developers consider the changes

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I also hope developers will consider these ideas. :+1:

What do you think of a friends feature, where you can follow what they’re watching and even compare stats

I would like to too, it would be interesting.