Shows Tab Not Updating

I have quite a few shows that are not updating correctly. The Shows tab should be displaying the next expisode I need to watch with its release date, but its showing the last aired episode and air date. When I tap on the show to view episodes, it shows that episode as watched (which is correct). No amount of syncing or clearing cache resolves the problem. I even tried unlinking and relinking my Trakt. Trakt is showing the epispdes as watched correctly as well. Its just the Shows tab that is displaying data incorrectly.

Attached picture shows The Goldbergs S09E18 as the next episode, however it was watched on April 18th. Tapping on the show shows it as Watched as well.

Here is what it looks like when I tap on the show.

Hi, thanks for reporting! Is it possible that you have started to re-watch some of these shows, e.g. does the episode before (Episode 17 in above case) have two watched entries? Then SeriesGuide assumes you want to re-watch the one after that.

In any case, once you set an episode as watched it should display the one after that as next.

It does look like there are duplicate entries on Trakt. Assumably from an accidental play or whatnot. The app I use for my TV shows (Infuse 7) auto-plays the next epidode if there is one available. If thst epidode starts and I no longer want to eatch, I stop it, then mark it as Watched then mark it as Unwatched to clear the Resume time and display the Unwatched symbol. This may be messing that up, as i was unaware Trakt will record partial watches.

It’s just odd that it’s inconsistent between the Show tab and the show’s episode list.