Skip "future" episode

I use to sort my series by “Oldest episode”, when I skip an episode (usually Special episodes) on the main list (Shows) it interpret the skipped episode is an watched one (and all before episodes) and show the next one in “timeline” as the next to watch on main list.
I expected the next one I DIDN’T watched to be on the main list and the episodes mask as Skip to be jumped ones and exclude on “watch timeline”.

This sounds like exactly what should happen. SeriesGuide assumes you want to continue with the episode that was released after that one. This is useful if you e.g. don’t start watching at season 1 or do not want to watch some episodes.

Just go into the show and mark the episode you want watched, then SeriesGuide should continue from that one.

Sounds weird.
If I start on season 2 and don’t what to watch season 1, I put season 1 on skip.
Assume on skip episode as “last watched” and don’t care about none watched episodes before that looks like without any sense to me.
But ok, I got that will not change.