Some movies' release dates are wrong

Some movies’ release dates are completely wrong. Some movies I noticed these are “Jaws”. It’s released in 1975 but in the app it shows 1981

Other one is “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 movie” it’s released in 2003 but in the app it shows 2006.

Also the episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987 show have completely wrong episode release dates.

Rosemary’s Baby’s release date is wrong as well! It’s released in 1968 but it shows 1986 in the app.

First terminator movie is the other one. This movies’a release date is 1984 but it shows 1988.

And another one is Alien movie which was released 1979 but it’a 1981 in the app.

Why are there so many movies with wrong dates in the app?

The release date often depends on the region you have chosen (using the globe symbol). If you look at a movies page you can see release dates often vary by years, especially for older movies.

Where can I change it? I want to see the original release dates not depending on some regions.

It would be nice if you add an option to change this. It’s really annoying to see different dates for the movies and tv shows. I want to see the original release dates, if the movie was released in 1990 in their country of origin but 1992 in the USA and 1995 in my country, I want to see it 1990. The same thing for all movies. Hope you add a feature about this soon because there is not even an option to change the region to change dates.

I mean I don’t think adding an option to change the dates is that hard thing to do. They are still in the database. This different dates according to the region feature is a really annoying feature and you still did nothing about it! It’s been almost 3 weeks since I asked this! Even though I love this app and bought X Pass App just recently, I might switch to Showly app because of these annoying different dates for some movies!