Sort in beta updated


in the update the sort of the default view shows dicontinued shows over the continued shows. (At least in ther german translation, so it is “Eingestellt” over “Wird fortgesetzt”). Is this behavior intended or is this a bug ?

Hm, it’s a regression due to the new statuses added. Thanks for reporting! Not sure how to solve this yet, though.

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Just checked and sort order is as expected. The assumption is that “Eingestellt”/“Canceled” are shows that still can have new episodes (vs. Ended shows).

What sort order are you actually using? E.g. oldest or latest episode first or remaining episodes should sort by episode data first anyhow.

I understand that these shows still can receive new episodes but I doubt it for most of them.

The preferred order for me would be: shows with next episodes -> Upcoming -> Continued -> Cancelled -> Ended

I use the sort oldest episode.