Still no posters or episode images

I see from reading in the forum that there was a past issue with TVdb and images not showing but it seems to be resolved back in August. I, however, am still not getting any images in the Android app. I’ve tried to follow suggestions to clear image cache but I’m unable to find it as laid out on Android 7.1.1.

Hello, thanks for reporting! There was another issue at in the last few days, but it appears to have been resolved (see Synchronization not working with TheTVDB).

Maybe check for some tips.

I still do not have any images in the app. I did mention in my original inquiry that I’d tried to follow the steps you referenced but that they didn’t seem to be available in Android 7.1.1. I did click on “Clear images caches” within the app but it just takes me to the app’s info page where there isn’t any option for images.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app with the same results. I do have a red X on “Sync & Update” for TMDb under the Trakt signin. When I click on “Show your Trakt library”, I do not have any images there either.

Thanks for clarifying. This must be a connection issue at your end then, as other users (incl. myself) do not appear to have issues.

If you are up to it, you can try to enable debug mode, look for any image related errors, and if there are email me those logs. Steps:

  • in Settings switch on Debug mode,
  • then force stop the app (e.g. swipe it away in the app switcher),
  • open the app again, open the menu in the top left and verify there is a new entry “Debug view”,
  • open a page that should display images, like the discover screen, and wait a bit (e.g. until image placeholder icon appears),
  • then tap on that new “Debug view” entry, then tap “Show logs”,
  • possibly share the logs and email them to uwe AT