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Good afternoon, I’d like to leave something here that I’d like you to put in the app. I would like you to differentiate when the series was finalized or when it was canceled. I thank you for your attention

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Series data is coming from the volunteers at They currently only use the status “Upcoming”, “Continuing” and “Ended”.

See for details.

I am rather new to TheTVDB and Trakt…

Are you sure that TheTVDB is better source of this information than Trakt shows you whether the show has been canceled, ended etc. And from what I’ve seen, it has correct information even for very little known series (although I explored just a little dataset, of course). :slight_smile:

Here is a reference to the API:

Hello! I believe you mean well, but this has been discussed in the past. The gist: I won’t start the huge undertaking of switching data providers because one has some info that another one has not. Despite its flaws TheTVDB still has many loyal contributors making it a great source of information.

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