Sync skipped episodes

I use SeriesGuide Cloud to sync my shows and I’ve been using the skip feature on my phone to clean up shows I no longer want to watch. It seems that the skipped episodes do not sync across devices, as they’re not skipped on my tablet after updating. Is it possible to sync skipped episodes across devices?

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Welcome! If both devices are connected to SeriesGuide Cloud skipped episodes should be synced as well. Can you reliably reproduce this? Does this maybe affect only a certain show?

You can try to sign out and back in to trigger a full sync.


Thanks! At the time, I was cleaning up a few shows and the problem occurred with multiple where I skipped episodes on my phone but they were not skipped on my tablet. To solve it, I unmarked them as skipped and then marked them again, and all were able to sync properly. So it seems it was only a momentary issue and I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

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