Sync to seriesguide cloud

I have a question about syncing to seriesguide cloud. If I log out of seriesguide cloud, and I log back in, I get an error about a series failed to update. It’s allways a different series. I have put a screenshot below.

I guess this has to do with the switch from TVDB to TMDB, but it would be nice to get a confirmation this is normal. I checked the series I get an error from, and I don’t see differences between TVDB and TMDB.

Another question : there’s a show where the names of the episodes have been changed a week ago. They are correct on TMDB, also on Trakt, but they still haven’t changed in seriesguide. Is there a delay somewhere? I don’t know how often everything is synced. I try updating that show every day in seriesguide, but nothing changes.

This has nothing to do with Cloud. It’s the regular sync with TMDb step. It’s possible that the TMDb server just returned an error for that show for whatever reason. SeriesGuide will retry to update that show periodically.

Also data is cached at TMDb and within SeriesGuide. So it may take days until you see changes. It’s also possible caches are not invalidated due to an error at TMDb. I can only try to reproduce if you tell me what show.

It 's a different show everytime I log in and out of seriesguide cloud. I only get an error for one show each time. If you say it’s a TMDB problem, it’s fine for me. Just wanted to report this, and be sure there was no problem with seriesguide cloud.

On my example, it was Royal Pains, TMDB ID 18779. A quick look at that show on trakt comparison shows me all seasons info is the same on TMDB and TVDB, only the special epsiodes have different names, but there are the same amount of special episodes, and all without dates. In seriesguide I see the same as on TMBD, so no idea why there should be an error. Maybe somebody fixed them.

When I do a manual “sync & download everything”, I don’t get errors, but when I look at “more” afterwards, I can see an error, now for the show “Rizzoli and Isles”. There were some small differences between TMDB and TVDB, I fixed them. I guess those errors will keep appearing for a while, as long as there are small differences between themoviedb and tvdb.

Hm, based on random shows being affected, it’s possible that SeriesGuide exceeds some quota when doing too many requests while updating. If TMDb says too many requests it should wait and retry, but I guess this doesn’t work all the time. Maybe I’ll change the code to wait even longer than TMDb says one should.

550 shows in my database.

No more “problems” after having installed latest version.

I’ve only started having problems since the update :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

What kind of problems?