Sync with TrackTv not working

For about 2 weeks I can’t seem to sync the content of my trackTV account to the series guide app, a thing I have been using since 2016. I have contacted trackTV and they say to ask here, I have check and the servers from trackTV are on, and my account there as all the shows. But now in the app the shows the I have already watched and the statistics are not syncing.

Welcome! Did you try to disconnect and connect Trakt again? It might be possible your Trakt account is locked. When connecting you would get an appropriate message.

Yes I did, I even cleared cache, and reinstalled the app. When connecting doesn’t appear any message and everything seems fine.

So what exactly does not work? Can you describe what you are doing? Does it only affect some shows? Are the shows added to your SeriesGuide library?

So basically it doesn’t show any shows that I’m currently seeing, neither my statistics. It seems from my side that it isn’t connecting to the trackTV server to get my information, stats and so on.
This happened after not showing upcoming episodes, and then I cleared the cache and reinstalled the app and all was lost, but in trackTV my stats and shows are still there.

I’m also having this issue. I’m new here and just installed this app. I’ve been using trakt for a long time now. So I manually have to add every TV show I watch into series guide, or do they come over automatically wren I connect my trakt account?

That :point_up_2: is from trakt app.

Update: I figured it out! Got my shows over and into this app… When I connected to my trakt account, I had to go to collection or watched list and tic the + sign to right off show. Then the show comes into Series Guide.

How this helps?

Yes, you need to add the shows you want to the SeriesGuide library. You can find your watched and collected shows on Trakt from the discover screen (tap + from the shows list, then tap Watched or Collection).

Thank you it worked :slight_smile:

Thank you, it worked :slight_smile: