Tatort / Scene of the Crime titles and sync

Episode descriptions and pictures are mostly there but not the titles. Also when I try to mark an episode as seen following popup appears:

Added it here, everything seems fine.

Maybe same problem as : https://discuss.seriesgui.de/t/no-title-available/1785

Solved itself.

Maybe change language and set it back afterwards?

The titles appeared when i switched to german thank you :slight_smile: they are not searchable though.

Still the syncing with trakt does not work.

Maybe episode doesn’t exist on Trakt

Can you find it there?

Sure I find it in trakt. When I click on the tmdb link from inside the app I arrive here Scene of the Crime: Season 53 (2022) — The Movie Database (TMDB)
When i click on the trakt link i arrive here

Seems like the link to trakt is broken.

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The issue is that Trakt numbers the seasons by year, but TMDB (SeriesGuide’s source) uses numbers starting from 1. This is because Trakt is still using the faulty data from TheTVDB. You can report this to them using the “Report show” button on the bottom left at Tatort - Trakt. However, I’m not sure they have a solution for this case of the TheTVDB to TMDB migration, yet.

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It worked! They fixed it. I see now all my shows again and can add new ones :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks.

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Thanks for helping out! I guess a few others will be happy about that as well.