The `%s with next episodes` count for shows may be wrong

It seems that statistics would not count unwatched ended shows as with next episodes.
When I add a show whose status is ended to the shows list, this count would not +1 even if I have not watched any episode of this show.

Is it intended? How this number is counted? What does “next episode(s)” mean in SeriesGuide?

See SeriesGuide/StatsViewModel.kt at 134d0bdf4db0edcafd080ebabe8fc9a8dfbbc433 · UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide · GitHub

It counts shows that are planned to receive new episodes: where the status is Returning/Continuing, Planned or In Production.

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Got it. Thanks for your clarification.

BTW, now that “next episode(s)” means like this in statistics, the text label of the context menu item Watched next episode should be changed to maintain the consistency of “next episode(s)”.
The tooltip of “:heavy_check_mark:” ( the corresponding button) in the same tab is Set watched. Changing that context menu item to Set watched would be more consistent.