The `%s with next episodes` count for shows may be wrong

It seems that statistics would not count unwatched ended shows as with next episodes.
When I add a show whose status is ended to the shows list, this count would not +1 even if I have not watched any episode of this show.

Is it intended? How this number is counted? What does “next episode(s)” mean in SeriesGuide?

See SeriesGuide/StatsViewModel.kt at 134d0bdf4db0edcafd080ebabe8fc9a8dfbbc433 · UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide · GitHub

It counts shows that are planned to receive new episodes: where the status is Returning/Continuing, Planned or In Production.

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Got it. Thanks for your clarification.

BTW, now that “next episode(s)” means like this in statistics, the text label of the context menu item Watched next episode should be changed to maintain the consistency of “next episode(s)”.
The tooltip of “:heavy_check_mark:” ( the corresponding button) in the same tab is Set watched. Changing that context menu item to Set watched would be more consistent.

I do kind of question the utility of that statistic, because it overlaps so strongly with “continuing”.

Right now, my statistics show, of 138 shows total, “28 with next episodes”, and “28 continuing”. That’s pretty redundant.

What would be interesting to know is that, of the 28 continuing shows on my list, (counts by hand…) 11 have at least one unwatched, aired episode, and a 12th has an episode that airs tomorrow. The other 16 are currently on hiatus, and I’m all caught up so far.

None of those numbers are reflected in the current Statistics, but they seem like usefully interesting pieces of data.

If I’m understanding you correctly, I don’t think that’s correct. Even when there might be multiple next episodes, the “Watched next episode” only marks one episode as Watched. (Whichever one is the Next Episode. At which point, the next-next episode becomes Next Episode, if there is one.)

“Watched next episode” will never affect more than one episode, even if there are multiple Next Episodes in the queue for a show.

The tools that can mark multiple episodes as Watched are:

  1. The “Watched all” menu option on Seasons
  2. The “Watched up to here” menu option on unwatched episodes in a season’s episode list.
  3. The “Watched up to here” double-checkmark link on the individual episode details pane.

(I think that’s the entire list, tho I can’t promise I haven’t forgotten any.)

But from the Shows list, a “Watched next episode” menu option does exactly that: Marks the single next episode in the show’s queue as Watched.

Not at all. When you’re viewing a single episode, “Set Watched” is clear and unambiguous ­— there’s only one possibility for what is being marked as Watched. But when you’re on the Shows list, “Set Watched” would imply that it’s setting the entire show to “Watched”, which isn’t even close to what it actually does.