The Tick selection

I seem to recall that at one time, it was possible to just select the tick and that was enabled straight away to indicate an episode is watched. I don’t like the way one has to select the tick and then select set watched.

Does anyone else feel the same way or I am just sad.
Also, many shows seem to only show a partial cast and not more people in the cast. I guess that is from the series Guide sorce?

It’s a little bit annoying on mobiles. When you change the view from list to details, you are able to mark a episode as watched in only one move. But only once at the first time.

I had to change my usual habits as well.

This should only be the case when:

  • the episode or movie is already watched: the app needs to know if watching again or removing
  • using the episode list view instead of page view: the app needs to know if watching, skipping or adding to collection.

Is that not the case?