TMDb does not have current information

The issue that I am having is TMDb is just not correct or up-to-date for a lot of the series that I watch.

For example, Alone Season 8. TMDb says that it is 8 episodes long. Wrong.

Chopped Season 50 lists only 4 episodes. 10 have already aired (apparently, I am limited to two links so no links here)

I realize that this is not a problem that you can fix but SeriesGuide is of limited use of the series are not showing in current/future information.

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Chopped Season 50 in TMDb - Chopped Seaspn 50 Food Network.

Welcome! Yes, I’m aware that TMDb in some cases does not have as good info. But the only way to fix this is if users, like you, help contribute it.

I’m a little bit confused by this. The app changed from a fairly reliable data source to a less complete source. Why is this a user problem?

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I see little point in paying for an app that cannot deliver what it used to…

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