TMDB results in Page 2 are not displayed in the app

Hi there,

I have been having an issue with the android app. If I search for a title in the app, it displays the results from TMDB. However the results in TMDB page 2 are not displayed in the app.

I found something like this,

However, I am not sure if the app is designed like this for some purpose. It would be of great help, if we could get results from next pages too.

Also, is it possible to load a movie/TV show with URL from TMDB/TVDB or TMDB ID. Is it possible to include it anytime in the future.


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Hello DMJ,

yes, TMDB results are currently restricted. I haven’t gotten around to make them endless (e.g. like the list of popular shows).

Currently, only sharing a TheTVDB URL to SeriesGuide will help find a show.

Hi Uwe,

Thanks for the response.

Hope the restriction could be solved sometime in the future.

Thanks much,

Is there a forecast to increase the pages?

I’ve been a subscriber for some time and I love yours app, thanks for creating it.

(I’m not american and I’m sorry if the writing is bad)

Hi Uwe,

Thanks for the update. Now, app works smoothly with other pages listed. Thanks for the good work and your time.

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