Not really a question for this seriesguide discussion forum, but I don’t find a discussion forum for

Does anybody know more about the status of trakt switching from tmdb to thetvdb? They have a transition page, but it doesn’t get updated.

I’d like to find out where I can help with updating tv shows on themoviedb. I think I have added all my shows that were missing. I would like to help with my shows that have a partial match, but I don’t know what shows need updating.

Also it would be nice if they would compare the shows on their transition pages in the native language of the show. Now they compare English versions, but most of my shows are in Dutch. And most of them don’t have official episode names in English, so users translated them by themselves.

There is for VIPs only. Also Twitter occasionally. But didn’t find any updates with a quick look.

Just received an answer to a mail I sent them 2 weeks ago :

This page is updated every time an entry is updated on The language is not possible (much more work than it is worth).
If you’re finding shows that are ready to migrate, please send a support ticket and we’ll migrate them as soon as we can.

Guess I will have to ask them to update the trakt data manually for each show.

Some quick info :

if you added a show to themoviedb, don’t forget to link it to trakt. On the bottom of the trakt website, you find a button “import tv show”. There you can enter the ID of the show from

If you made changes to an old show, you can request they sync the data. I did this for several shows. General: Populair (652 ideeën) – Support & Feedback for Trakt I hope they will do this.

I made a request to give everybody a temporary access to refresh data in trakt. If you have a trakt account, and you like my idea, please vote for it. If the data on trakt and becomes better, seriesguide becomes better.

Give everybody temporarily access to refresh data – Support & Feedback for Trakt