TV show migration to TMdb

The TV show My Kitchen Rules AU has not yet been migrated to TMDb, despite me going in and viewing old episodes listings (added when it was still thetvdb) and refreshing/updating several times. How do we report unmigrated shows or get them migrated? A new season has started but my progress won’t show until its migrated. I checked and it has its tvdb number and I got it updated on TMDb and Trakt.

On the Trakt website of that show there is a Report show button in the bottom left, that should help you get in touch with the Trakt folks to get things fixed.

Ah, I thought it meant SG hadn’t switched it over to TMDb. I understand now and will get on to Trakt. Thank you!

OK, so Trakt has My Kitchen Rules set to use TMDb now, but SeriesGuide is still saying its not been migrated?

Delete the show from Series Guide and then search for that show and re-add it back to Series Guide.
This should then pick up the detail about that show from TMDb and that message will have disappeared.

Wherever you see that message in Series Guide it means that when you added that show it pointed to TVDb and when SG switched over to using TMDb data it went out of sync, so the show needs deleting and re-adding to pick up TMDb data.

Thank you, that did it! I had thought of trying it before but was worried it wouldn’t add back lol. I did a backup first, just in case, but seems to be sorted. Thanks again!

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You are very welcome.
I’ve had to do it a few times myself so…