TV show posters

My TV show ‘posters’ are not displaying images like normal. I have tried clearing cache, data, stopping the app and restarting the phone.


You’re not alone. The problem started this morning.

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It’s just happened to me, all my shows have lost their posters

It’s not Trakt. SeriesGuide seems to be having problems communicating with TheTVDb.

SeriesGuide uses TheTVDB for posters:

Go to the app, click on the menu icon, and tap either log in options. You will see it say somewhere “Sync & Update - TheTVDB” prefaced with an red X within a circle.Screenshot_20190802-192349|631x145

Therefore it’s reasonable to assume that there is a communication problem between TheTVDB and SeriesGuide. Also, there is no need to be rude.

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You’re not making sense. You mention me “blaming” TheTVDB and then talk about paying SeriesGuide when you yourself blamed Trakt first. Are you paying Trakt too?
So why would it matter whether you paid them or not? That doesn’t change the fact that there is a communication problem between them.
I didn’t even blame TheTVDB, all I said was that there is a communication problem between the two. I’m only stating the problem.

It seems more like you didn’t do your homework as you didn’t know who provided the artwork. You even blamed Trakt to begin with. It seems like you have no idea how any of this works and how it should get resolved. Here’s hint: whining doesn’t help.

I’m not gonna continue this conversation as it resolves nothing. You seem unreasonable. I feel sorry for the dev.

TVDB had a major update this week, and it seem to have knocked some things out of what.

There are posts on the Plex reddit and several threads in TVDB’s developer forum about the API not working as it should since the update.

It should sort itself out once TVDB sort it at their end, it might take a couple of days. Sure, I paid a few pounds for seriesguide a few years ago, but I’ve had good use out of it, and a few days where it doesn’t work perfectly isn’t something I feel I need to get worked up about or aggressive over.


This is entirely an upstream problem. You can see plenty of other devs having issues in their forums:

This isn’t something Uwe can solve. The TVDB API is simply not providing image URLs right now for some unknown reason. This is something that only the TVDB team can fix, unfortunately.

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It appears persistent complaining isn’t doing anything. Even large, well-funded companies like Plex can’t influence them to fix it.

But directing your vitriol at the devs here isn’t really going to do anything. TheTVDB needs to get their act together and come up with a real business plan. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened and their approach of working on it part time doesn’t really fly when so many other businesses rely on their data. IMDb made it work, and so can they.

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Thanks for those who tried to explain calmly what’s going on! I also added a pinned post explaining the situation. I was on holiday, so did not know about TheTVDB dropping this bomb, sorry.

Indeed there is an issue where the API of TheTVDB returns empty file names for posters, so SeriesGuide can’t display any until the TheTVDB folks fix it.

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Not to the same point of frustration as others but… Perhaps this is a lesson that the Poster doesn’t need to be updated every single time someone ticks an episode. #JustSaying

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Unfortunately not only posters were affected, but adding shows too. You do have a point.

Nice one. The posters are back😊

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Woohoo! Patience sometimes pays off :wink:

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Still no poster images here, and the sync page is still showing a red cross for TheTVDB. I guess their servers are probably being hammered at the moment by loads of apps trying to download loads of posters that they lost a couple of days ago.

I hate the damn TVDB.