Unable to add show

I am unable to add Adam Ragusea.

TVDB: https://www.thetvdb.com/series/adam-ragusea
Trakt: https://trakt.tv/shows/adam-ragusea

There’s also a TMDB entry that I can’t link to since new users can only post 2 links.

When I try to add it, an error message shows up saying "The show does not exist (yet) on TVDB.

I tried searching both in English and all languages, WiFi and 4G, no VPN or adblock, all don’t work and give the same error.

It’s just for this specific show too. I’ve been able to add others afterwards and before no problem.

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Welcome! Maybe try the tips at Tips for searching for shows, specifically the one about sharing the TheTVDB.com link to SeriesGuide.