Unable to customize extensions

unable to customize extensions!?


What do you mean by unable?

Past versions I was able to customize extensions. Now I click add and nothing happens.

What version of SeriesGuide do you use? What device do you use?

Pretty sure it’s the latest version 59.1

Works for me on 59-beta1 and 59-beta2. Also others have not reported any issues.

What device is this on? Maybe try rebooting your device.

The newest Nvidia Shield pro

Downloaded v59.2. rebooted and same issue

Paid for series guide x as well

I have this issue also. After clicking customize extensions the add extension button does nothing.

Using whatever the latest update on Google Play is and I use a A95X Max android box. It had worked in the past.

It has been known (e.g. Fire TV) that extensions do not seem to work on Android TV devices, which both of the above appear to be. So far there is no solution for this.

Extensions work, just within the last couple versions the ability to click customize extensions seems to no longer do anything. I reverted to version 57 and the ability to customize extensions once again functions properly. I don’t know exactly what features have been added since and their importance, but if you need to customize the extensions this was the way I could get it working. But something related to the adding of extensions within the app was broken between v57 and present.

Hm, I just tried to select Customize extensions and Add extension via keyboard to simulate using a remote control and it works fine. There also haven’t been any code or layout changes since version 57. Not sure what the issue is.

Having the same problem on my Nvidia Shield also. Can’t add or customise extensions. I also notice that when I go to the Play store on the Sheild, it says “Uwe trottmanns Series guide is not available for your device”, So I cant row back to the last version.

I have the same problem on my Nvidia Shield as well. Only the extensions I added from 57 work.