Unable to find specific show in search results, but does exist in theTvDb


I’m trying to search for a specific show:

It does have episodes, but I’m unable to find it.

I searched for both the Dutch and English title, but neither work.

I also tried the “share” method suggested in here:

Does anybody know why I’m unable to get it in the search results? Is there information missing in theTvDb?

I’m on v58-beta6 (db version 49), if that helps.

Thanks for your time!

Hello! The beta uses TMDb as the data source, no longer TheTVDB.

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Thanks for the clarification!
I’ll make sure to check the data there.

There is such a problem . Can’t find just one show ? Have you tried looking for 5 others ? The same result ? Have you tried searching with vpn enabled ? I am from Russia , the search absolutely does not work for me , only through vpn .

Uwe explained my problem. I can find other shows, but since my show is not yet on themoviedb I cannot find it.