Unreliable TVDB Sync

Hey all, and Uwe!

I regularly update the TVDB for some of my favorite lesser known shows. The problem I’m facing is an unreliable sync with TVDB. For example, I updated 3 shows with upcoming episodes, one show updated immediately. The other two have yet to sync the changes. I’ve forced the download and update all, and update from each individual show. I know there is no control over a third party tool, but can anyone speak to the reliability of a forced sync and why it doesn’t seem to fetch updates for my shows?

My device info is the following:

  • Google Pixel 3XL
  • X Pass Holder
  • SG Beta user - version 53 beta 1

Hello! This is typically due to caching at TheTVDB servers and within SeriesGuide. You can try to clear the cache for SeriesGuide (in system Settings > Apps > SeriesGuide > Storage). For TheTVDB you just have to wait a few hours, possibly days (I don’t know how long they internally cache things). But I can only recommend to be patient.

Thanks Uwe! I’ve tried clearing the cache a few times to no avail. Thanks for the quick reply, I guess I’ll learn to be patient.