Unreliable TVDB Sync

Hey all, and Uwe!

I regularly update the TVDB for some of my favorite lesser known shows. The problem I’m facing is an unreliable sync with TVDB. For example, I updated 3 shows with upcoming episodes, one show updated immediately. The other two have yet to sync the changes. I’ve forced the download and update all, and update from each individual show. I know there is no control over a third party tool, but can anyone speak to the reliability of a forced sync and why it doesn’t seem to fetch updates for my shows?

My device info is the following:

  • Google Pixel 3XL
  • X Pass Holder
  • SG Beta user - version 53 beta 1

Hello! This is typically due to caching at TheTVDB servers and within SeriesGuide. You can try to clear the cache for SeriesGuide (in system Settings > Apps > SeriesGuide > Storage). For TheTVDB you just have to wait a few hours, possibly days (I don’t know how long they internally cache things). But I can only recommend to be patient.

Thanks Uwe! I’ve tried clearing the cache a few times to no avail. Thanks for the quick reply, I guess I’ll learn to be patient.

I don’t want to necropost here but I still have questions about the sync reliability. A show that has synced with BOTH TVDB and Trakt will not show new episodes in the app. After updating the show individually, and updating the whole show list, the new episodes still aren’t populating in the app. Is this a bug that I’m experiencing?

If the episodes definitely are on thetvdb.com you can try to remove the show and add it again. If they are visible then, there might be an issue with SeriesGuide.

Removing and adding the show still doesn’t pull the two newest episodes. Other suggestions?

What show is affected? I’ll try to reproduce.

It’s fixed itself now. It updated after a few days. I know earlier in the thread it came down to patience, but something just doesn’t seem right. After TvDb and Trakt and TMDB all reflect new additions and it takes days for SG to actually sync, something is going on. I don’t know if you’ll be able to reproduce at this point, but the show was “Wife Swap (2019)” but this definitely isn’t the only show this has happened with.