Watching shows out of order


Longtime reader, first time poster, long time supporter, forgive me if this topic has already been covered…

I watch a lot of shows that do not air in order. My issue is that the Show becomes hidden from my Shows list list after I watch the latest episode. (Note - I use a Filter to display only Unwatched episodes. The show is displayed when I disable the Filter)

One example is Comedians In Cars Drinking Coffee on Netflix. I’m new to the show so I started with the latest season and I’m working my way backwards. Season 11 has 12 episodes. If I mark the 12th episode (the last one) as Watched then the show itself disappears from my Shows list… even though I only watched one episode :frowning:

I could disable the Filter and dive into the Show to find the next Unwatched episode, but… yeah… :frowning:

I hope this is clear! Does anyone have a workaround or solution?

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Typically, when this happens to me… I either go back and (1) skip then un-skip or (2) un-watch then watch an earlier episode. That or (3) remove the show before re-downloading it to my list.

It basically sets you up to watch that episode or whatever comes next… Or resetting the show to the first available episode. But it would be nice if the app could do something without needing manual help when there are still dates un-watched.

Thank you for the suggestions! I will investigate…

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