Where do I find hidden shows

Hi there. I’ve been using SeriesGuide for years. I sign into the app via my trakt.tv account. I would like to hide shows for the first time. I know how to hide the show but I don’t know where or how to find the shows once hidden.
I ask bc there are some shows I follow which ended/were canceled that have now been revived for a new seasons.

Thanks for the help


In the app?

Search for the show or use the filtering function right aside from the search-button. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Amanda,

Complementing the suggestion for readonly, you could create a list of only hidden shows.

When hiding a show, put it on a list of your choice.

Then whenever you hide a show it will not appear in your series but it will always be visible in the list you created.

However, you must always remember to add the hidden show to the list before hiding.

This was the quick way I found to see my hidden shows without having to go there all the time in the filters.

If you are referring to trakt you have to go to settings, there you should find Hidden Items.

Thanks for this suggestion. I’ve done this until I could figure out the actually hidden figure. Thanks :blush:

If one of my hidden Shows continues, i search for it and undo it by clicking on ?unhide?. I’ m not sure about the english term of it.

If you use the internet (I’m on a PC) then click on “Settings” and you will see a number of tabs across the page. One of these is what you are looking for, marked “Hidden Items”

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I know where in trakt to find my hidden shows. Don’t know where in SeriesGuide it find them once they are hidden


Using the filters is the only option.

Since one of the last updates, the hidden-option is always marked with minus. You don’t see hidden shows. Make it a plus and you will see all your hidden shows.

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