Which Log in should I use?

I am having synchronisation problems.

How should I log in?

Should I log in to Series Guide with Trakt or with Cloud or with both?
No matter what option I use I cannot get all my shows fully synced.

I use the app on my phone and a tablet so ideally need them to reflect (be the same) on each other.

See Help | SeriesGuide

Thanks for that, I’ve already read that and it doesn’t answer my question which is why I posted.

Using either option or both together does not fully sync my TV Shows. If pointing me to that shows the answer then I’m sorry I don’t see it :frowning:

When using Cloud all of your library, including shows is synced. I guess something is not working as expected then? Can you share what you expect to happen after signing into Cloud?

When I log in I would expect Trakt to be reflected on both my apps, and show the same watched and collected information.
At the moment I have a few shows on Trakt that are just not syncing and showing the same results on my devices.
Trakt shows seasons and episodes watched and collected, my devices show only some seasons and episodes as watched and collected.

Continuing to discuss this via email.