Won’t connect with trakt

Hello. I’ve been using your app for a couple of years now, and love it. I noticed the other day that it was not updating with trakt on my fire tablet 8HD any longer. I’m in the UK…I have tried also using a VPN and setting location to Canada, and giving access to android, as I’ve read suggested. I searched for help. I ended up force stopping, clearing cache, and trying again, to no avail. So then I did that and also cleared data. It will not log into trakt, not even using integrated browser. I get oops something went wrong. I’ve logged out of trakt and back in on a browser to make sure I was using the right log-in, and it worked fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled seriesguide, same outcome. Seems this is an issue, and can find many posts on google about it…even if you gave an option, like other apps, to enter code on another device, which might work, but you don’t. Please help.

Welcome! It is actually recommended not to use a VPN, see https://seriesgui.de/help#trakt for some troubleshooting steps.

I found a few “State does not match. Cross-site request forgery detected.” errors for Fire HD 8 tablets (2018 and 2016 models). This indicates that something in between your browser and SeriesGuide modifies the response.

Are you using Amazon’s Silk browser? I heard it uses some form or proxy to speed up responses. Maybe see if you can turn that off? Or maybe try another browser, like Firefox which I believe is available on Fire devices.

Hi there. You and I have talked in the CANNOT CONNECT T0 TRAKT. But I wanted to let you know Trakt will not connect on your app. It also won’t update/sync my shows. Have to manually check them off as seen

@Amanda_Churchill Thanks, I’m still aware, but don’t know what’s causing this.

So what do recommend. Do you have a contact @ Trakt.tv you can fwd our conversation to if you believe the problem I’m having falls on them + not your app.
Any help is appreciated

I was not initially using a VPN, but I thought it might be my location, so tried it also with the VPN. Didn’t work with or without VPN. I was using Chrome. I don’t really understand the rest of what you’ve said.

Wanted to give you an update:
Last week every problem I’ve been telling you about seemed to correct itself. But these last 2 days (Sat/Sun) there seems to be a problem with trakt, it’s not letting me sign on. I’ve tried disconnecting my Trakt.tv account to sign back in on the app with no change.
If you could reach out to Trakt.tv to find out what’s going on I’d appreciate it.

Trakt.tv still is having problems signing me into my trakt account + bc of that the app again isn’t syncing/updating like it was finally doing again.
I feel like I’m back at the beginning of when I first reached out to you