49-beta1 with calendar and trakt history tweaks

Kicking off the release 49 development cycle with mostly background work.

  • :wrench: Add link to trakt history website on history screen. Show up to 50 items (was 25).
  • :wrench: If connected to trakt, show at most 10 recently watched episodes or movies on history tabs (was 25).
  • :hammer: Switched upcoming/recent tabs to RecyclerView, should resolve various crashes. As a result the infinite calendar option has been removed. Instead upcoming/recent now show up to 50 episodes.
  • :memo: Drop support for beaming shows from overview screen. Share the TheTVDB link instead.

View all changes at https://github.com/UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide/blob/dev/CHANGELOG.md.

This beta is only available on the Google Play Beta program. Learn how to join at https://github.com/UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide/wiki/Beta.

Thank you everyone, for testing, translating, giving feedback, sending in bugs or contributing code!

Can you please explain the rationale for this change? I use SeriesGuide on multiple devices (Pixelbook Chromebook, Pixel 3 XL phone, LG 7" low-end tablet) and have never experienced performance issues or any other issues with more than 50 episodes listed OR with infinite view enabled.

Having these views limited to only 50 episodes will completely reduce the functionality of the app for me.

At the moment I have “infinite calendar” turned off in both Recent and Upcoming. In Upcoming, I currently have 78 shows listed going ahead 4 weeks. In Recent, I currently have 70 shows listed (with “hide watched episodes” enabled) going 4 weeks back.

If you change this view to force it to only 50 episodes I lose out on planning ahead (Upcoming) and planning what to watch (Recent) as I focus on catch-up on particular series, as it will drop to show me only about 2 weeks worth of episodes instead of 4 weeks as it does now.

Please reconsider the 50-episode limit and if nothing else, make it time based (4-weeks) which essentially matches the current behavior when Infinite Calendar is off.


Please bring back infinite calendar option that is a feature I use a lot. If people are experiencing problems with it then have a option in settings with it disabled by default to enable others to use it.


Please bring back infinite calendar option. I’ve logged in to this site for the first time just to mention this. Removal of this feature makes the app completely useless for me or any other person who watches multiple/years old shows.

Also, the extra added line of text mentioning when an episode was aired ABOVE every episode in the RECENT tab is taking excessive space.


Yes please bring back the infinite option- this is a real nightmire since i plan my blog ahead with this. It reduces functionality by half for me. You know the only reason i still keep my android device (besides my iphone ) is series guide. And its giving me headaches with this. How old must this devices be if even my old s7 had never any issue with the infinite option?


Thanks for the feedback! I’m currently trying to make the new calendar implementation infinite as originally intended. Looking good so far. However, if multiple columns are displayed grouping of items under headers will likely not work. As most use SeriesGuide on phones which display only a single column the impact should be low until a solution is found.

Background: the old version was based on outdated Android components which are the cause of frequent crashes. This version is now using new components. However, those are lacking in features. So making an infinite calendar requires some hacks that I usually try to avoid.


thank you very much for listening and trying to bring back the infinite calendar! I think it adds a lot of value!

Oh yeah this would be wonderful!
BIG thanks for trying to make it work again!

Thanks for the follow-up, and attempting to work around the limitations of the API - it’s much appreciated!