53-beta5 hammers some bugs

This should be the last beta before version 53 goes out to everyone.

  • :wrench: Replace compass with link icon for movie links option.
  • :wrench: Display country for Portuguese variants when selecting movie language.
  • :hammer: Use less bright selected state for people list as well.
  • :hammer: Restore icon for add to home screen button.
  • :hammer: Crash when a movie result does not exist.
  • :memo: Latest translations from crowdin.

View all changes at https://github.com/UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide/blob/dev/CHANGELOG.md.

This beta is only available on the Google Play Beta program. Learn how to join at https://github.com/UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide/wiki/Beta.

Thank you everyone, for testing, translating, giving feedback, sending in bugs or contributing!