55-beta4 continues (text) design tweaks

Update 2020-06-27: after changes required by Google Play, now available as 55-beta4.
Update 2020-06-26: the update is held up in review.

Notable changes in this beta release:

  • :wrench: Update more text styles.
  • :wrench: Episode, show and movie buttons display state if enabled instead of action. To display the action tap and hold the buttons as usual.
  • :hammer: Fix and update style of some buttons.
  • :hammer: Fix the app not respecting system font size on Android 7 and older.
  • :memo: Latest translations from crowdin.

View all changes at https://github.com/UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide/blob/dev/CHANGELOG.md.

This beta is only available on the Google Play Beta program. Learn how to join at https://github.com/UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide/wiki/Beta.

Thank you everyone, for testing, translating, giving feedback, sending in bugs or contributing!