59-beta2 restores old sort behavior

Notable changes in this beta release:

  • :wrench: If sorting by oldest, latest or remaining episode again sort by status afterwards.
  • :wrench: Add upcoming range option to include shows with any future episode.
  • :wrench: Widget: when displaying shows, never display shows without next episode.
  • :hammer: Use correct theme on About screen.

View the full change log on GitHub.

This beta is only available on the Google Play Beta program. Learn how to join at Beta · UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide Wiki · GitHub.

Thank you everyone, for testing, translating, giving feedback, sending in bugs or contributing!

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What does “sort by status” mean? It looks kind of random to me.

When sorting by oldest, latest or remaining episode it now again then sorts by status, then by title. This is mostly useful so shows with no next episode are grouped by status again.