62-beta2 selects next episode by number

Notable changes in this beta release:

  • :wrench: The next episode is now selected based on number, no longer by release date.
    This means specials released in between episodes will no longer appear as next, you’ll have to look for them in the specials season.
    Decided to change this based on feedback over the years as many were confused why an apparently random episode was next e.g. after marking all specials watched/skipped.
  • :wrench: Modernize remaining pager components (e.g. episode tabs, movie tabs) for more reliable behavior.
  • :memo: Latest translations from Crowdin.

View the full change log on GitHub.

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Thank you everyone, for testing, translating, giving feedback, sending in bugs or contributing!

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In all the years using Series Guide I’ve never once seen random ordering from the way it was before.

Please add back an option for the old method, as this one just doesn’t work. None of my shows are going to air 1/1/1970.

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Good afternoon, thanks for your work . How does the season-to-season transition work now ? After watching the first/second/x season , the application will switch to season zero or to the next ones in chronology ?