Adding Extension Fire TV Stick

I have an Amazon Firestick and I recently completed a Factory reset. I reinstalled all apps but when I try and add an extension on SeriesGuide it won’t allow me.
The issue is when I go to customise extension and click the add extension button nothing happens.
I have another Firestick and it seems to have the same issue, I have Cyberflix etc already added on it from previous SeriesGuide versions but it doesn’t seem to allow me add anymore.

Can anyone help?

Check with the developer of Cyberflix. They might have to update their extension to work with Android 8 or to work with version 2 of the SeriesGuide extension API.

Thanks for the response but the issue isn’t Cyberflix, when I click add extension the button doesn’t work, I don’t get any options.
Cyberflix was an example, I can’t add any extension

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Just to make sure then: did this ever work before? Can you remember when that was or even better with which version of SeriesGuide?

I had another user reporting this and I highly suspect that Amazon has modified their Fire OS in comparison to pure Android to prevent extensions from working.

It did work before on a previous version of SeriesGuide but I’m not sure what version that was.
Is it possible to download an older version and test it?

All past versions are available at

I know this is an older post but, for good for future reference. On firesticks/ android tv you will have to use a mouse toggle to click “add extension” then select what your wanting to add

Does using the remote to click Add extension still not work? I actually released a fix in one of the last updates and also tested this with my Fire TV stick remote.

I thought the above is a different issue, where no extensions are discovered.

I’m having the same issue on 2 fire tv cubes. Has anyone found a workaround yet. I had one choice to add Beetv and when I clicked to add it nothing appears on the season show page. Also, trying to add it with the mouse toggle does nothing. It’s a shame because I really like Seriesguide.