Adding Extension


I have an Amazon Firestick and I recently completed a Factory reset. I reinstalled all apps but when I try and add an extension on SeriesGuide it won’t allow me.
The issue is when I go to customise extension and click the add extension button nothing happens.
I have another Firestick and it seems to have the same issue, I have Cyberflix etc already added on it from previous SeriesGuide versions but it doesn’t seem to allow me add anymore.

Can anyone help?

(Uwe Trottmann) #2

Check with the developer of Cyberflix. They might have to update their extension to work with Android 8 or to work with version 2 of the SeriesGuide extension API.


Thanks for the response but the issue isn’t Cyberflix, when I click add extension the button doesn’t work, I don’t get any options.
Cyberflix was an example, I can’t add any extension

(Uwe Trottmann) #4

Just to make sure then: did this ever work before? Can you remember when that was or even better with which version of SeriesGuide?

I had another user reporting this and I highly suspect that Amazon has modified their Fire OS in comparison to pure Android to prevent extensions from working.


It did work before on a previous version of SeriesGuide but I’m not sure what version that was.
Is it possible to download an older version and test it?