Air times not on TMDB but on SeriesGuide

Where does SeriesGuide get its air times ? As far as I know on TMDB we can only add air dates, but not air times, so how does the app say “Aired Saturday at 19:55” ?

I guess the question is : where does find that data.

Right, it comes from trakt… sorry

Trakt has probably just kept the data it already had from the TVDB, where that data is not available from TMDB. I guess the test is whether new series, that have been added to Trakt since they switched to TMDB, have the air time data or not.

They all have midnight set as air time.

Note: see Help | SeriesGuide TL;DR: as figured out SeriesGuide uses Trakt to get the release time and time zone.

I guess it’s possible to ask at to get a release time updated for new shows?

Since Trakt now gets its data from TMDB, I guess you’d first have to ask TMDB to add a field for that info. (In which case SeriesGuide could get it directly from TMDB so Trakt not having it would no longer be an issue.)