Big Brother isn't showing in SG is showing Big Brother (the US version) SG is only showing BB (AU) and Celebrity BB, I have done all that has been suggested, synced and updated.

Still nothing except for the 2 shows mentioned

Welcome! If you could find the TheTVDB page, go to it in the browser on your phone. Then use the share button of your browser and share it to SeriesGuide. It should offer to add it.

o0o0o you own both TVTime and SG

Iā€™m at theTVDB page on my phone I can share it to Twitter, FB, IMDB, Zappyzippy or something, cannot locate SG anywhere

No, is not associated with this app.

Alternatively, when searching tap the globe icon to select English. Big Brother is the 3rd search result then.

Using the TVDB-ID in SG works fine too. 76706 should be the right one for Big Brother US.

I only speak 1 language English

Sorry ignore the 1st screenshot my hand made the page move as I swiped

Works for english as well.

I ended up choosing Japanese closed SG re opened it, selected English then searched for BB it ended up finding it :nerd_face:

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