Can't connect with TVDB

For the last week, I have been having issues searching for shows I watched and getting the following message: “Could not talk with TVDB. Try again later.”

I usually still have access to all my lists but searching seems to be out of the question.

Is there anything that could be done to help?

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Yes I’m also getting the same error message

Yupp same problem. Any solutions available??

I don’t think the dev can do anything about this, it seems to be on TheTVDB’s side.

When browsing TheTVDB website, sometimes I’m getting 502 errors from Cloudflare about the host being unavailable, so I think something’s broken on their side.

Thanks for reporting! TheTVDB tried to launch a new version of their site and API (what SeriesGuide) uses and things, as you noticed, did go wrong:

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