Can't talk to TheTVDB error

Similar to the one just posted but when I search for new shows to add, I’ve been getting the error ‘Could not talk to TheTVDB. Try again later.’ error with a Try Again button below it. This has happened for the past week on my Galaxy S9+ on the East Coast in US. Let me know if you need any other info to troubleshoot.

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I’m getting exactly the same error, it was working okay last week, only noticed it this week …

Same issue here also getting this error

Similar issue here, searching for new shows to add is slow and the covers aren’t being loaded. When I try to add a show it also shows that it has issues talking to TheTVDB.

Also, when browsing TheTVDB website, sometimes I’m getting 502 errors from Cloudflare about the host being unavailable so there definitely seems to be issues with TheTVDB.

Try switching to English. I had this problem when I was trying to add “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. When I switched to English, the page loaded. If English doesn’t work, maybe try the original language of the show.

Thanks for reporting! TheTVDB tried to launch a new version of their site and API (what SeriesGuide) uses and things, as you noticed, did go wrong:

Happening now. I can reach the TVDB manually but the app can’t when I search for new shows

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Yeah, It also happening to me. I can’t search or add new show.