Check-in message with trakt

Hi everyone.

I have noticed a change in the check-in message for a while. I’m using check-in with Trakt and with a message automatically sent to my Twitter account. I use the SeriesGuide to do the check-in.
Before I had the same message as if I was checking-in on Trakt, so something like for exemple "#NW I’m watching WandaVision 1x02 “Episode 2” " with the trakt link. Now I only have the link to the trakt page on the message, not even the serie and episode title. I searched for a while but I couldn’t find where something had changed in my parameters. If I do the check-in on trakt directly, I have the full message. If I do it via the SeriesGuide app I have nothing, just a link.
It’s not a big deal but I was wondering if I could do something to have the same message when I check-in on the SeriesGuide app than the automatic Trakt message ?



I’m not sure, I haven’t used this feature in a while. Note that you can easily paste the title into the check-in dialog in SeriesGuide. Maybe others have experimented with this.

Thanks for the answer.

You’re right, I can easily add the title in SeriesGuide, I had forgot about that, thanks !

But if I select “fast check-in” (not sure about the exact name, my app isn’t in english) that doesn’t ask for a message, then it is empty. Maybe before there was the title automatically in fast check-in ?
Otherwise I will paste the title myself like you said, I don’t do it that often so that wouldn’t be a real problem.

If you enable the fast check-in option SeriesGuide does not send any message to Trakt, e.g. it’s the same if using the regular check-in and just pressing Check-In.