Comparison of trakt account and series guide database

I am pedantic, I watch TV series 100%, even commercials if they are in the tmdb/trakt database. I have repeatedly noticed that some episodes in the series guide and trakt are not the same. Sometimes trakt has 1 more views, and sometimes series guide has extra views. There is a project that makes a backup of the trakt account******* (instead of ******, insert your login from trakt) (I hope the admin will not take it for advertising and will not delete). The format of this backup is similar, but not compatible with the series guide backup. Does the series guide have access to the trakt history via api to compare the database of those viewed with the series guide? Or a backup comparison mechanism from darekkay and series guide?
I hope the translator understood my point.

Maybe you can use the backup tool and convert it to a format to compare? Help | SeriesGuide