Dashclock Extension

Hello! I was trying to figure out for months why the shows disappeared from my widget in Chronus and more I see you removed the Dashclock extension. Many other widgets use Dashclock extensions, including Chronus, and it worked wonderfully. Any chance we can have something back?

Sorry, I currently have no plans to bring the DashClock extension back.

OK, I understand. What about a widget that works similarly with minimal information provided? I find the widget is too large and bulky for my liking. Just a short list of upcoming episodes of text is all I’d really like to see. It’s one of, if not the main thing, I used and supported the app for.

You should be able to reduce the widget to one row in height which if small enough also collapses the header, no?

Not quite enough. When I had the extension integrated into Chronus, it looked much cleaner and listed a lot in a short space with a nice, sleek clear background and fit in nicely with my other extensions in Chronus.

If we had an option for a widget that just listed a few upcoming episodes as single lines, I could make it work.

Anyway, I love the app. Thanks for working so hard on it.

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