Episodes duplicated and scrambled watched episodes after adb restore

The issue is with this show (others may be affected, didn’t check):

How to reproduce the issue:
1- Open SeriesGuide with app data.
2- Add show Columbo. You can check how many episodes are and how they are distributed on each season
3- Restore adb backup, then from app select Restore Auto Backup on top.
4- Check again Columbo show. More episodes are added and others are are moved from one season to another or to Special Episodes.
5- Also episodes ticked as watched don’t match with the ones I have really watched and that I properly selected on previous version.

Now I have to clean start and check again one by one which episodes I’ve watched, and tick them again without restoring a backup.

On second post will add screenshots and backup files.

These are the First Season and Special Episodes on empty profile, just add the TV show but don’t import or tick anything:

First screenshot (Special Episodes):

Second screenshot (Season 1):

Third screenshot (Season 1):

These are the same screenshots after Restore Auto Backup → Restore Auto Backup → Backup successfully restored:

Special Episodes (part 1):

Special Episodes (part 2):

Season 1 (part 1):

Season 1 (part 2):

This the seriesguide-shows-2021-08-20-10-16-48.json for Columbo TV show.

The auto backup only runs every 7 days. So if your adb backup is from just before the next auto backup it can’t include your latest changes.

Note: you can run auto backup manually, or create a backup yourself. See Help | SeriesGuide