Fallback to English for "Episode X"


TheTVDB allowed empty episode names for other languages (e.g. german).
TMDB does not allow it, it will fill the episode name with “Episode 1” and so on.

This results in many lists of “Episode 1”, “Episode 2” … for several series, where the german language is not maintained (yet).

Uwe: Could you implement a fallback to English / the alternative language (or, if easier, to the series´ original language), when the episode name of the prefered language is “Episode X”, as it does for empty entries (of TheTVDB)?


Thanks for reporting. Do you have an example show to test this with?

Yes, here:

Defying Gravity

As you can see, TMDB itself falls back to the english (or original?) name.

Or this one, “Dumbest Stuff On Wheels” has no german translation at all:

Same for:

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(Another problem, that TVDB has empty episode names and TMDB has the default “Episode X”, is, that Trakt will not migrate to TMDB because of different episode names, e.g.: https://trakt.tv/transition/tmdb/shows?trakt_id=76881

EDIT: I opened a new topic for this in the Trakt forum:
https://forums.trakt.tv/t/tmdb-migration-treat-empty-tvdb-episode-name-as-equal-to-episode-x-of-tmdb/6880 )

Das gleiche ist auch bei The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, The Blacklist

Bei “The Blacklist” aber nur bei der aktuellsten Staffel 8. Die anderen Staffeln sind bereits in Deutsch vorhanden.

Ja, genau. Betrift meist (bei meinen) immer die neuste Staffel.