Firestick - SeriesGuide Cloud Issue

I have series guide on my firestick. I paid for premium account. When I try to log in to the seriesguide cloud on the firestick app I get error requires Google login. I do not see a google login anywhere on the app. Also firestick does not come with google play store or Google apps. Is there a workaround for this. Or a google app I can install and log in with to spoof it?

Hey! I guess you did sign in using Google instead of email on another device? As you figured out Google sign-in does not work on Amazon devices.

I can reset the sign-in method if you send me the email address of the Google account (via a private message by clicking on my user name, then Message or email me) you used to sign in. Then you can sign-in again and choose the email option.

I am on my phone and could not find a link to private messge you in your profile. My email is REDACTED if you could please set it to regular email login. Thank you for your time.

Done! You will have to sign in again now. Also redacted the email from your message so it won’t get harvested by spam robots.