Is it possible to have the next episode be based on the DVD order?

For example, I am watching X-men: The Animated Series, which has a very different order on the DVDs (as well as Disney+) as it originally aired, including some episodes being in completely different seasons! SeriesGuide suggests the next episode based on air date, and even going into the episode list and sorting by “Oldest First (DVD)” doesn’t show the same order I’m seeing on Disney+, as well as this page on trakt:

Check Season 3 for example

If it’s not currently possible, could you add an option that would allow us to select from one of trakt’s alternate episode order options, and use that to suggest the next episode instead of airdate?


I am also wondering about this. Some shows’ release dates are basically a mess. For instance, Batman the Animated Series episodes were released in the worst way possible but corrected in the DVD release. I think there should be an option for these tv shows.

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