Is there a way to find a show NOT in a list?

I have hundreds of shows added to SeriesGuide and make extensive use of custom lists. Is there a way to sort or filter my Shows view that would display all of my shows that are NOT in any custom list?

My only option for now is to manually tap each show’s menu button and click Manage List to see if nothing is checked, but it’s very time consuming given the high volume of my shows, so if there’s a way to use a filter/sort combination that can reveal my “un-listed” shows that would be ideal!

Thanks for any suggestions on this!

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There is not, thanks for the suggestion!

Came here to suggest a configurable filter for lists, and someone already did just that. :slight_smile:

A +Lists filter could show all listed shows (config page lets user choose specific lists to show) and a -Lists filter could hide all listed shows (config lets user choose specific lists to hide). This would make the hide show feature and filter redundant, as the same result can be achieved by making a list called “hidden” and use + or -filter with “hidden” list selected in the config.