Option to delete multiple watches

Numerous times it happens so that we end up marking an episode or a movie as watched multiple times however we would like to keep a track of watch history with a single watch. Could there be an option to delete multiple watches and keep only one watch in the history.

Multiple watches are a feature of Trakt. So for now I suggest to use the Trakt website. E.g. when viewing an episode tap the Trakt link at the bottom of the description for a shortcut to get there.

Multiple watches are shown in the History page of SeriesGuide; my suggestion would be to include checkboxes next to the episodes on that page, similar to the ones next to the upcoming and recent episodes on their respective pages, so that an individual watch could be cancelled by unchecking its box. The watch need not be removed from the History list until the next time the list is refreshed, as the unchecked box would be an indication that it had been removed from the history.