Possible to add MPAA ratings to movies?

Would it be possible to add ratings to the movie descriptions? This would make it easier for me to find a family friendly movie on my watchlist when appropriate. Right now I have to click on the web search or IMDb link separately for every movie I’m looking at which can get tedious.


I already looked into this and this requires a larger change as themoviedb.org has age certifications based on country. And it would obviously make sense to display them all instead of just the US certification.

Anyhow, you are already aware of the workaround of visiting the IMDb or TMDb (themoviedb.org) page until I get around adding this.

Edit: this is also tracked at https://github.com/UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide/issues/542 But feel free to heart the first post here instead.



when would it be?

it would be quite interesting