Problem syncing certain shows to

It seems like shows like The Haunting of Bly Manor and the latest series of Unsolved Mysteries can’t be synced with

I suspect this is because TVdb and Trakt lists the shows differently.

TVdb seems to list The Haunting of Bly Manor and The Haunting of Hill House as different seasond of the same show, The Haunting. on the other hand lists them separately.

Likewise TVdb lists all seasons of Unsolved Mysteries as the same show while Trakt lists the more recent Netflix season as a separate show.

Is there anything one can do to get around this?

Welcome and thanks for reporting. In short: no, there is no way to solve this.

Long answer: Trakt has started switching away from TheTVDB as a data source. SeriesGuide will make this transition to using TMDb exclusively as well, but this will take some time.

Until then some shows might be organized differently, breaking tracking with Trakt.

Thanks for the reply!

I suspected there was no easy solution to this.
For now I just log directly into to track those two shows. That will of course be more of a nuisance if more shows start to “break”.

Glad to hear that this will hopefully be solved in the future though.

Добрый день . Вы отказываетесь от TheTVDB ? Раньше , когда SeriesGuide отображал неправильное время эпизода , я заходил на TheTVDB , редактировал и через 30 минут в SeriesGuide всё становилось правильным . Теперь мне редактировать в TMDb ?

@Duxast33 Welcome! Please post in English so others can understand as well.

And yes, the plan is to switch to TMDb in the near future, so it would make sense to contribute to TMDb already.

the episodes marked in the seriesguide are not syncing with Trakt. what could it be?

So, I have been using SeriesGuideX with trakt since ages and therefore have tons of episodes tracked, which I don’t want to lose. I use Trakt with SeriesGuide because it enables me to sync watch states between SeriesGuide and my media server (emby).

Wouldn’t it be possible to have SeriesGuide search for the failed series on trakt and show the user a popup asking them whether it is ok to update the trakt binding to that newly found show? Something like that would be really appreciated!

Do you have any other ideas to resolve this issue?

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SeriesGuide looks up the TVDB id on Trakt and chooses the show that Trakt returns for it. Right now I don’t want to add an interface to let users choose the associated Trakt show manually. But maybe in the future.